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Raw Materials Supplier

We have regular requirements for a wide range of raw materials.
Accelerator - CBS China Clay
Accelerator - TMTD Cotton Hand Gloves
Aluminium Silicate Cotton Sleeves
Antioxidant - 6PPD Cotton Tyre Cord
Antioxidant - SP Cycle Tube Valves
Antioxidant - TMQ Diesel
Bead Ring Emulsifier
Bead Wire Firewood
Brown Factice French Ghalk
Butyl Rubber GI Clip
Calcium Carbonate Glycerine
Carbon Black N330 HDPE Sheets/Bags
Carbon Black N339 HT Labels
Carbon Black N550 Husk of Pulses
Carbon Black N660 Industrial Solvent
Cartons --
Caustic Soda Laminated Film
Metallic Film Rubber Labels
Micro-crystalline Wax SBR 1502/1712
Neoprene/Chloroprene Silica PPT
NR - EBC Silicone Oil
NR - ISNR 5/10/20 Stearic Acid
NR - RMA5 Sulphur
Nylon Tyre cord Teepol
Oleic Acid Thinner
Parafin Wax Titaniym Dioxide
PBR Urea
Plastic Twine Valve Accessories
Plastic Wrappers Whiting
PVC Stickers Wood Rosin
Reclaim Rubber Zinc active
R-M Bonding agents Zinc Oxide
Rubber Crumb Zinc Stearate
Rubber grade pigment Zincolet